AndroidTips for 2023

AndroidTips for 2023: The Next Level of Smartphone Usage

The world of Android is constantly evolving, with updates coming in faster than you can blink. With the advent of 2023, it’s time we familiarized…
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Kindness With Your Smartphone

Kindness: How to give kindness with your smartphone

Kindness with your smartphone; how to give? Cell phone companies have become a big story in philosophy lately. Now that most Americans own smartphones, it’s…
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Dual boot Smartphone to be featured in the Market

Recently, a mobile manufacturer from Spanish has released a new smartphone with two operating systems. The mobile is a dual booted device with both Firefox…
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HTC One Launches in India, Shiping starts 22nd April

HTC One finally launches India. This is one of the best designed smartphone with state of the art specification. This Android smartphone was announced way back in February,…
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