How to remotely access your computer from a Samsung Galaxy phone

LogMeln Ignition allows you to access your computer from your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone or tablet – useful if you’re out of the office and need something vital stored…
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Root android phone

Rooting your Android device, Is it good?

Android is the best customizable mobile OS. Rooting to Android device is the hot topic among millions of users around the world. Majority of the Android…
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Apple Eyeing on Android Phone Market?

Apple is highly ambitious in developing Android Phone in the near future, hinted its co-founder, Mr. Wozniak. He has honest plans to drive Apple into Android…
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Samsung W2014 Flip Phone Announced Officially in China

While many are looking forward to large phablet devices and increasingly complex touchscreen smartphones, Samsung has been working on a flip phone that looks strikingly similar to…
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