How to report an android appliction as SPAM to Google play store

Android is the number one open source platform and keeping this as an advantage anyone can develop and publish apps in Google play store with a onetime pay…
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Level Up Your Google Chrome Performance on Android

Google Chrome is a web browser from Google which is available for almost all platforms with a responsive feedback. But sometimes because of few memory issues…
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Security Test on Google Glass –Vulnerable for Cyber Attacks

Google Glass went through security testing and it was found vulnerable to the cyber attacks. Many Android phone users are liable for hackers attack as the…
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Google and Samsung Signed Pact to Low down The Android Pressure

Android has turned into the heading working framework for cell phones, giving Google access to billions of dollars in publicizing income as additional individuals use…
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‘Google Voice’ a Wonder Tool for your Android Phone

Google has introduced a powerful package of efficient tools for your android phone that comprises of a call routing, phone number, caller announcement, free SMS texting, low-cost…
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Why should wait for Nexus 7 2

Nexus 7 is one of the very famous tablets in the whole world as it hit iPad mini of Apple to shelves as well as…
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Download Latest Google Play Store app v3.10.14

Another Google Play store app update rolled out, this time from Google play store v 3.10.10 to Google Play Store app v3.10.14. (See Google play store apk 3.10.10…
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