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  • Rooting your Android device, Is it good?

    Root android phone

    Android is the best customizable mobile OS. Rooting to Android device is the hot topic among millions of users around the world. Majority of the Android users have certain limitations to access the device. However, Did you know that you can squeeze and tweak lot of items in your mobile? Rooting is the best way to […]

  • 7Super simple ways to promote your first Android app


    Marketing the mobile app is as important as creating it. Just launching an app in app store and waiting for downloads will not give you any results. Marketing is essential for increasing the download rates of the apps. Google play badge is one of the best promotion tools for your app. Android platform is the […]

  • How to optimize your Android mobile for a better experience?


    Majority of the people are now using Android devices in their daily routine. Besides, they have lot of applications installed on their phone for various purposes. Opening the applications will occupy the memory space and the CPU resources of the phone. As a result of this, the speed of the devices slows down and it will spoil […]

  • Android 4.4.2 upgrade for Xperia Z precedes Launch of Sony Sirius

    Android 4.4.2

    Testing of Android 4.3 JellyBean on Sony Xperia SP and TX has been completed by Vodafone Australia. This could be extended to the T and TX variants too. Between by the end of February and early March, Android 4.4 Kit Kat could be used for Xperia Z. Android 4.3: Xperia TX, SP, V and T For Sony […]

  • Dual OS Android Machine – Boon or Bane for PC?


    Trials of Computer with dual operating system had been tried, but proved futile. Nothing different should be expected now.The prospect of running PCs on Windows and Android simultaneously making them hybrid Android machines does not throw any light of hope for the gloomy PC industry. Flagging Sales of PC To boost their dwindling Sales, the […]

  • Developers of Android Game Flappy Bird For iOS Been Taken Down

    Android Game

    The most popular former Android game Flappy Bird available on Google Inc’s Android Play Store and Apple Inc App Store is no more available either on Google or Apple to download by its users. As by the developer of Flappy bird game announced that game would be taken down earlier 22 hours was took down on Sunday midnight. Succeeding […]

  • Apple Eyeing on Android Phone Market?


    Apple is highly ambitious in developing Android Phone in the near future, hinted its co-founder, Mr. Wozniak. He has honest plans to drive Apple into Android market next to iPhones. The company wants to develop Android phone based on the platform that Google is using. The company has all the capabilities to enter the market.  While […]

  • Facebook’s Pioneering Android Security Tool is opened to the World


    Next time you load the Android app on your phone remember to store it on the SD card and not on your phone memory. The SD cards provides additional storage space and new apps are often stored on these SD cards that can be pushed in and out of the phone.But this can create a […]

  • Android Homescreen to Improve Smartphone Experience


    Use of Android Homescreen app is becoming a fascination for many mobile users. EverythingMe, a homescreen and app development firm for Android portrays a new move for using contextual data to make smartphones work better. The company people call it “Smartphone 2.0” and inform its ability to make the phones smarter and efficient. EverythingMe homescreen […]

  • New Android App Helps To Prevent You from Tracking


    Researchers have created an android app which helps people from being tracked. Indeed amusements and concordance apps routinely track area, as gathered from a phone’s GPS or worldwide positioning framework sensors. As per one Pew Research overview, very nearly 20 percent of Smartphone holders overviews have attempted to detach area data from their apps, and […]