Samsung Z9005 Tizen Smartphone Revealed through a Video


Last month the Samsung Tizen made its debut into the public eye from photographs which really stirred up interest in the latest Samsung Smartphone. Now, fortunately, Samsung has sent off the phone to developers and we have been able to see a ten minute hands on video that goes through the Samsung Z9005 Tizen smartphone and gives you a great feel for the phone itself.

As you may have seen earlier, the Samsung Z9005 Tizen smartphone has some unique external features that really make it stand out. The exterior is has a grey housing with very squared off corners as opposed to the nice rounded edges of other Samsung smartphones. Additionally the screen itself is a nice large touchscreen, but it does not quite go to the edges of the front of the phone, and it has nice rounded corners to starkly contrast the sharper edges of the housing. Overall the appearance is quite different, but not an unpleasant one.

Tizen Experts, the user with whom we owe our thanks for posting the hands on video for the Samsung Z9005 Tizen smartphone, did not reveal much about the actual phone specs itself. Unfortunately the screen size, processor, RAM, or even cameras megapixels were mentioned. It does, however, look like it has a fairly large HD touch screen – nowhere near as large as a Samsung Galaxy Note, more akin to a Galaxy S3 size. Additionally it does have two cameras, and an actual push home button down at the bottom.

The interface itself, when Tizen Experts was running through it in the hands on video, seemed quite nice and efficient. There are a multitude of developer options and managing features so you can quickly scroll through your phone and address any sort of issue should one pop up. Lastly, the rear camera seems efficient despite no mention of its number of megapixels. It does have quite a few filtering options and camera selections you can choose from, so hopefully this smartphone will be equipped with a high megapixel rear camera so consumers can put those features to good use!

More details about this Samsung Z9005 Tizen will be leaked soon as the release date for this new smartphone draws nearer!

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