Jaw dropping features of Samsung Galaxy S4


Samsung’s latest Galaxy S4 has appealing features that have not been available in any other Smartphone. Galaxy S4 is a user friendly Smartphone. It has two excellent feature that are Smart pause and Smart Scroll. Smart Scroll helps you to scroll the page by simply tilting the phone. Smart Pause automatically pauses the video when you are not watching the screen, that means, if your eyes looking away then it will automatically pauses the video. When your eyes back on the screen it will automatically resume the video.
Air call accept feature was first introduced in Galaxy S4, this will enable the user to answer any call without touching it. To attend an incoming call you just have to do a swipe gesture over the phone. This feature is useful and this is limited to Galaxy S4, but any of the android developer can easily integrate this feature to any android phones. Apps are available to implement the feature in any other android phones.

Air Call Accept:
Air Call Accept is a free app, it offers the same feature as available in Galaxy S4. It allows the user to answer the call by swiping on proximity sensor. Otherwise you can pick up the phone to ear to answer the call. Air Call Accept feature will work only on the proximity sensor. If the device does not support proximity sensor then this app will not work. After installing the app, you have to buckle up the functionality. Then only you can answer the call by simply waving over the proximity sensor. Paid version is also available in the app store. It allows the user to reject the calls, while answering the call it allows you to turn on the speaker or it allows you to send the sms even when rejecting the call. This app is specifically useful for drivers who use Bluetooth headset. It helps them to concentrate on driving, they can easily answer the phone call without touching it. Free version allows you to answer the call.
You can download the app from Google play store. This app will work only on the Android device which has proximity sensor. What are you waiting for. Download and install the app to enjoy the services. After using the free version you can decide whether you need paid version or not.
Samsung Short switch:
This feature allows you to transfer all the data from the old device to new S4. Install the Samsung short switch on PC to take backup of the old device and relocate to Galaxy S4.
Air Gesture:
This cool feature allows you to navigate from page to page, scroll web pages or to accept calls without touching the screen.
This feature allows maximum of 3 people to connect during video call. Besides, it allows you to access dual camera while chatting. Dual camera will show the opponent as well as your current view.
These are some excellent features available in Samsung Galaxy 4. What are you waiting for! Try using it and enjoy the services.

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