Hands On Samsung Galaxy Camera 2


Samsung, a Korean company has gained the much popularity in smart phones among all over the world. It’s the leading mobile manufacturer in the world and being in the no1 position they have now aimed to rule and redesign by stepping in the field of digital camera’s. In 2013, Samsung launched a digital camera with a big zoom lens which is codenamed as Galaxy Camera. Now In 2014, at the CES event Samsung has launched the Galaxy Camera 2 where there is no doubt to say that, this is the upgraded version of Galaxy Camera. News that this was the most attractive device at the CES event among all other inventions and devices.

It is powered by Android Operating System, most of the people will be thinking that android is only for phones and tablets. As is said you earlier, that Samsung is going to redesign and show their talent in digital cameras, this is why they have introduced this camera with android os. And moreover android OS is very comfortable for many users and most of the people use it daily, so they might have thought that this will be a +point and that’s it. They have successfully introduced the OS with the camera!

Camera Specs

It has a compact-size 16-megapixel 1/2.3 inch sensor. This is larger than the sensors of most mobile phones, but is a bit smaller than the sensors of the CSC cameras available for the same price. It also had a LED flash which is quite faster and responsive with the shutter lens! The timing of the shutter and flash should be much perfect to make the photo look brighterand clear! It also has a 21x optical zoom with a max f/2.8 aperture.


The processor of the Galaxy Camera 2 is a quad-core 1.6GHz model, it has three sensors while are very cool the Accelerometer, gyro and the compass sensor. This upgraded version of galaxy camera also has few connectivity features with GPS support, NFC and WIFI for easy communication with Samsung high end Phones. The battery has been upgraded from 1,650mAh to 2,000mAh. You also get a more up-to-date version of Android on-board, Android 4.3 instead of Android 4.1. More updates will be pretty sooner once the manufactures releases them!

Screen Display

It has a screen of about 4.8 inches and 720 pixels in resolution. That’s a lower resolution than the Galaxy S4 screen, which is Full HD, but it’s a pretty sharp display. This might be a quite disappointment for the users who are into photography. The upgraded version should have been a 1080p one but it a mere bad luck for the photographers.



The Galaxy camera 2 is available in two attractive colors, that is white and black and the price of this device is estimated around 30k INR. I hope the price is too much but still Samsung provides a good quality products and we can surely buy it for this price.

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