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  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Preview and Specs

    Samsung Galaxy S5

    Samsung, the Korean giant is planning to unveil its new smartphone called Galaxy S5 on April 2014. The future Android device is expected to have improved features over its earlier models. The users are eagerly waiting for the arrival of this new product. We will discuss about the future specifications of Samsung Galaxy S5, which […]

  • Hands On Samsung Galaxy Camera 2


    Samsung, a Korean company has gained the much popularity in smart phones among all over the world. It’s the leading mobile manufacturer in the world and being in the no1 position they have now aimed to rule and redesign by stepping in the field of digital camera’s. In 2013, Samsung launched a digital camera with […]

  • Samsung Z9005 Tizen Smartphone Revealed through a Video


    Last month the Samsung Tizen made its debut into the public eye from photographs which really stirred up interest in the latest Samsung Smartphone. Now, fortunately, Samsung has sent off the phone to developers and we have been able to see a ten minute hands on video that goes through the Samsung Z9005 Tizen smartphone and gives you a great […]

  • Samsung W2014 Flip Phone Announced Officially in China


    While many are looking forward to large phablet devices and increasingly complex touchscreen smartphones, Samsung has been working on a flip phone that looks strikingly similar to the older razors, but much more powerful. Their new phone, the Samsung W2014 Flip Phone, was just officially announced in China and Samsung is working with one of China’s leading service […]

  • Top Phablets of 2013 – Which One is the King of Giant Smart Phones?


    The sales figures that are periodically presented by sellers show that mobile buyers increasingly have their eyes on mobile phones with larger displays. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is up in top five places in list of the top selling mobile phones in October to December 2013. As cell phones have taken over more and […]

  • Leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lock-screen Wallpaper


    In the coming weeks of IFA 2013, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to be announced in public. Samsung has a history of leaks, and here is leaded Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lock-screen Wallpaper. Below is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lock-screen Wallpaper. The wallpaper somehow confirms that Galaxy Note 3 going to have a full hd display […]

  • Jaw dropping features of Samsung Galaxy S4


    Samsung’s latest Galaxy S4 has appealing features that have not been available in any other Smartphone. Galaxy S4 is a user friendly Smartphone. It has two excellent feature that are Smart pause and Smart Scroll. Smart Scroll helps you to scroll the page by simply tilting the phone. Smart Pause automatically pauses the video when […]

  • Galaxy Note 3, a must mobile device for business users


    Samsung has added another great big screen phablet to its Galaxy series of Android mobile devices. This release has just come after its great product Galaxy S4. Previously, when Galaxy S3 introduced to the market, the company released Note 2. The product introduced to the world during an event in Berlin, Germany. The Note series in Galaxy […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs HTC One X


    Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs HTC One X full Comparison : HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3 both are most advanced smartphone from HTC and Samsung respectively. At the time of launch HTC One X was the most advanced smartphone in the market, but after the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S3 on on May 31, the smartphone world chanced and HTC one X got a […]

  • LG Optimus G Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2


    LG Optimus G Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 full comparison: At the MWC 2013, LG announced a new range of smartphones. The flagship device that caught everybody’s attention is the LG Optimus G Pro. The phone easily reminds you of its predecessor phone, the LG Optimus G but promises to offer much more than ever before. It […]