How to Root LG G2

LG G2 Android phone has rooting option, where you customize the user experience as per your choice. Rooting helps to increase the use of apps of your choice, which are not provided in the set provide when you purchase your phone. There are some additional benefits derived from rooting. You can boost performance of the processor fitted to your phone, thus, enhancing the pace of work. During rooting, if any trouble arises, the manufacturer will siege warranty coverage of your phone. You need to do it at your own risk.

Before rooting, ensure that the battery of your phone has sufficient charge to give support for rooting. The device should be factory unlocked. In addition, verify the model number of phone by tapping “Settings”, then “About Phone” and finally “Model number”.


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Easy steps to follow for rooting LG G2 Phone

Step 1

Get the USB driver for LG G2 phone to connect it to computer.

Step 2

After installing USB driver, activate USB debugging mode of phone and use along with Android SDK. To do this, first, tap “Menu” option. Then go to “Settings”. After that go to “Applications”. In “Applications” look for “development” option and check for USB Debugging Mode.

Step 3

Before you go for rooting, you have to create a back up file of your present data stored in your phone, so that it can be retrieved after rooting.

Step 4

Now download rooting software of LG G2 in your computer and save the rooting software into a folder.

Step 5

After that, connect your phone to computer with USB cable, taking care about all USB drivers are flashed.

Step 6

Click 2 times on root.bat file present in the folder, which you saved earlier.

Step 7

Follow the instructions, appearing in the desktop screen.

Step 8

Disconnect your phone from computer by unplugging the USB cable. Also, disable USB debugging mode and again activate the same and connect back your phone to the computer through USB cable.

Step 9

Now install SuprUser and SU softwares.

Step 10

After the execution is over, restart your phone once. Now your phone is rooted.

Step 11

After you restart your phone, go to Google store for downloading Root checker app.  Run the app to check the rooting status.

These are the simplest ways of rooting LG G2 Phone. Hope this tutorial will prove a good help to you when you go for rooting your device.

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