How to Root HTC One Mini

HTC One Mini is an Android phone featuring dual core 1.4 GHz processor. It has 1 GB of RAM along with 4.3 inches 720p HD display and a PPI of 342. The phone exhibits internal storage of 16GB and comes with a 4 MP ultra-pixel camera having auto-focus and LED flash. It has also a 1.6 MP secondary camera built in it. The battery has a capacity of 1800 mAh.

With factory make, the device fails to provide you with future Android software updates. You can come over this problem by unlocking your device. There are several advantages if you root your phone. You can enhance the speed of the processor; install customized ROMs, new themes, access system files and perform other activities of your choice. Thus, rooting helps you to gain full control on your device.

HTC One Mini

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Before rooting, you must take care of certain things in mind to avoid any discrepancy occurring during rooting.

Initial requirement of rooting

  • You have to download and install HTC One Mini USB drivers in your PC.
  • Then download the rooting software.
  • Activate USB debugging of your HTC One Mini
  • Make sure the battery should have full charge.
  • Connect the device to your PC.

Follow these simple steps to root your HTC One Mini

Step 1- Extract the root program you downloaded earlier.

Step 2 – After you have done the extraction of the rooting software, restart your phone.

Step 3 – Go to the extracted root program folder saved in the PC and run the program.

Step 4– You will find a new window of the rooting software displayed in the screen of the computer.

Step 5– The rooting software will identify your device as you installed the HTC One Mini USB drivers previously.

Step 6 – Go through the rooting instructions displayed in the screen.

Step 7 – After you have understood the instructions to root your device, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find the “root” button.

Step 8– Click on the “root” button for rooting to begin.

Step 9– Wait for sometime for rooting to complete.

Step 10 – When the whole process ends, restart your HTC One Mini.

Step11– Wait for sometime until rebooting process is complete.

Step 12 – After rebooting is successful, disconnect your phone from the PC and close the rooting kit window. Now you are done with rooting.

Step 13– For further confirmation; install the root checker application from Google Play Store to check the status.

This tutorial will provide you insights of rooting your HTC One Mini. After rooting, the user interface of the phone will improve and you can install powerful apps to use your phone in a better way.

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