Password Sync and Autofill added to Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome for Android added several new feature along with Password Sync and Auto-fill. Now you will not have to type much with tiny phone keyboard while…
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How to turn on Data Compression in Chrome for Android

With the last update, now Google Chrome beta for Android users will get data compression feature like Opera mini. This feature will optimize website content, hence sites will load much faster.…
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App Lock – Protect your Android App with password or pattern

The App lock is a small lightweight App that is absolutely essential for anyone who shares their phone temporarily with children or anyone else. The App locker…
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Evernote Notifies Its Users about Security Breach on Evernote’s Network

One of the major problems associated with Evernote and other cloud services is that hackers consistently look for ways to hack these services since users…
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Aldiko Reader | eBook Reader Application for Android

The Aldiko Reader is one of the best eBook readers for Androids. It supports several formats including ePUB, PDF and Adobe DRM encrypted formats. It supports…
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Android 4.2 Still Not Available for Popular Smartphones

When Google released the latest version of their Android Jelly Bean OS which is version 4.2 in November 2012, only few devices were allowed to receive the…
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5 Hidden Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 2

At the moment, the most popular phablet device available in the market is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Many users of this amazing phablet are unaware of…
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LG Optimus G Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

LG Optimus G Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 full comparison: At the MWC 2013, LG announced a new range of smartphones. The flagship device that caught…
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HTC-One (2)

HTC One UltraPixel Camera – A Cool New Feature or Gimmick?

HTC is going to launch its flagship device – The HTC One, very soon. By the launch of this device, it is going to unveil UltraPixel camera technology which…
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Delayed to Time With HTC One M7 Launch (Leaked Image of S4 Inside)

Before the much awaited Galaxy S4 releases, we expect many new rumors to pour in. We have found a leaked image of the Korean version of…
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