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ZTE Bluewatch rumored Specification & Price

Smart watches and wrist watches that are powered by android are the most trending devices in the market, people are being more comfortable with these devices and its uses. This is not just a watch but it can tell you more things that you don’t know and cannot do with your brain. Firstly Samsung has released Samsung Galaxy Gear and it is now the sensation maker along with galaxy note 3. Seeing these devices, many competitors are into this technology to improve them and sell in their marketplace. Rumors that Apple is going to launch iWatch in the coming world-wide developer council (WWDC) in July 2014.  Lets keep all these aside and come to the point, I just want to quote that smart watches are becoming more popular and its usage is totally improved after launching Samsung gear.

ZTE releases a smart watch called Bluewatch , it is the first ever smart device from its company manufacturer. It is mainly used as a wrist watch and a fitness tracker. Now a days people having diabetes are the top users of these watches because these devices are smart and can track their accurate fitness of their body. This Blue watch also allows you to access social media, messaging, calling, taking incoming calls and clicking photos etc. This device is expected to launch in upcoming CES 2014 event !!

ZTE Bluewatch rumors, Specifications

What is CES 2014 and where is it held?
CES is a global consumer electronics and consumer technology trade show that takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada.
It is a great market place to showcase new devices manufactured from all companies involved in this.  This event will be held every year for a week and daily you can get the news feed of latest gadgets and updates that are showcased in the event.

Specifications of ZTE BlueWatch

Camera: Minimum of 2MP or a VGA Camera to take pictures
Hardware: It is controlled by your smartphone so an average processor and RAM is better.
Software: Obviously Android operating System
Display: mostly 1 to 1 1/2 inches.
Connectivity: Bluetooth, Voice memos, Voice recording.
Features: Can make and take incoming calls, take photos, can easily access your messages,mp3 music player, voice memo recording, single shot clicks, can act as wrist watch, smart vibrate method and few more features which will be officially revealed in the CES 2014 event. So stay tuned to our updates and CES 2014.
Battery Backup: This device need a lot of battery backup and as i expect !!  it should be around 1000 to 1300 mAH which gives you about 8 hours and hardly 4 hours if you are using it continuously.

Price of ZTE Bluewatch
The device is quite interesting and has few special features and specifications. The price tag must be around $150-$200

ZTE is making a remarkable and fantastic consumer electronics and having a good positive response from the people. It is also going to  launch a budget smartphone with 1.4Ghz processor, 1 GB RAM, 720p HD Screen recording and 5 Mega Pixel camera. This smartphone is expected to have a retail price of $150-$200.

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