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Wonder App for Complete Protection to the Android Device

Android device has captured more than billions of hearts of the mobile users across the globe. The Gartner research and consulting group reported that this boost of the operating service system in the tech market will automatically increase the invasion of hazardous malwares considerably. Therefore most of the Android device users are seeking the help of software to secure their precious gadgets.

 Symantec has introduced new wonder software application– the Norton Mobile Security app. This software is exclusively designed to safeguard and secure your android device from all kinds of malware and viruses. But the more interesting factor about this software is that they not only protects your device from malware but also scans the memory cards for any virus threats, keeps your privacy settings locked and also helps you to spot your mobile in case it is stolen or lost.

The basic free version does not provide you all the above wonderful protection features but for experiencing them you need to purchase the full version for $29.99/ year. If you want to protect all your important devices like the tablets, phones, Macs and PCs, then you need to opt for Symantec’s Norton 360 Multi-Device, on annual subscription of $69.99.

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Norton Mobile Security offers various exciting features to destroy the malicious software by scanning your android devices completely. Malware files downloaded from your SMS or email or through certain host media files and apps will be scanned and detected easily by this software. You can preset the options to scan everyday or on monthly or weekly basis, or on demand, according to your needs. This mobile security software also scans the Google Play store apps that requests for your personal information and the newly added contacts as well.

Along with the above mentioned exclusive features the Norton Mobile Security will help in blocking those unwanted calls by entering that number or Contact’s name. There is a special feature that provides back up options to restore the numbers and other details of your contacts. Anti theft option is the next best thing that this Norton Mobile Security offers, which locks the working condition of the mobile device via SMS or a web portal services. Another interesting option is that it locks down your android device once the thief removes the SIM card.

The free Norton Mobile Security version offers only limited services such as using the SMS services for locking your device once lost and it will scan the software and even the SD card completely and discard those malicious apps exclusively. But only if you update and purchase the full version you can enjoy complete protection. Installation of this wonderfully designed Norton Mobile Security software does not slow down the performing capacity of your android device.

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