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Why Sony Xperia Z is better than iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is one of the best selling smartphones out there in the market. It has been always observed that after Apple releases iPhone, various brands release their smartphones in a bid to compete with the iPhone. Sony has already launched iPhone 5 killer smartphone called the Sony Xperia Z. The phone has got some great features. It easily turns out to be a better device than iPhone 5.

The CES 2013 event took place at the beginning of the year at Las Vegas. One phone that caught the attention of the tech world is the Sony Xperia Z. See also: Sony xperia z vs iphone 5

xperia z vs iphone 5

Xperia z vs iPhone 5

Here is a low down on some of the features that make this device better than iPhone 5.


The Xperia Z has a 13MP camera and is the first smartphone that supports HDR video.


The 5inch display of Xperia Z supports 1080p full HD display with 441ppi pixel density. The Sony Bravia Engine 2 allows the display to adjust automatically according to the lighting of the surroundings.

Water and Dust Resistant Body

Sony claims that even if you drop the Xperia Z in one meter deep water, thanks to its water resistant body nothing will happen to the phone. It is also resistant to dust.


The 2330mAh battery on Sony Xperia Z produces more battery life thanks to the Battery Stamina Mode that automatically turns off the functions like Wi-Fi of the phone when the display is turned off. When the display is turned on, all the turned off features start running again.

Other Features

Xperia Z has got NFC onboard. Near-Field Communication is a feature that allows you to use your phone as wallet. The phone is available in three storage options 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. The phone is available in different colors like black, white and purple


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  1. I totally Agree, Xperia Z is always better than iphone 5 because it has much better harwadare Quality and also water and Dust proof.

  2. I agree with murtaza – harwadare Quality’s *essential*! I can’t agree with murtaza, however, vis-a-vis the assertion that “Xperia Z is always better than iphone 5,” as I think that Apple’s device just shaded it in the 6th century.

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