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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 facing problems with Android 4.4 Kitkat update

Updated releases of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 made by Android 4.4 Kitkat are not yet fully solving Android 4.4 problems, in that use of third-party accessories is still fraught with incompatibilities with the phone, according to findings of XDA Developers Forum; the problems include non-usability of smart covers, wireless chargers, and imperfect working of  “region locking system.”

Only two countries have so far attempted update releases on Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with Poland concentrating on Galaxy Note 3 SM-N 9005, and Russia on Galaxy Note 3 SM-N 900.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4 Kitkat Problems

Impact of Android 4.4 Kitkat update on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

As per an October last report, the Korean major planned to manufacture all accessories such as wireless chargers and smart covers with authentication chips itself ensuring perfect compatibility, but never indicating any schedule for their manufacture. But users still felt that the add-ons will work only when they come with chips, and that the problem being a simple one, only the manufacturer has to come out with helpful action-plan for overcoming this.

People are apprehensive of using unapproved third-party accessories because of some earlier instances. Samsung phones have got burnt out due to use of such accessories including batteries with them; and the company blamed the owners for using sub-standard and unapproved items on their devices. Another thinking with users is that Samsung, with monopolistic attitude might be planning to float their own accessories in the market for compatibility, but at exorbitant prices and good quality.

Another expectation is that the Korean giant may require the third parties for getting certification for accessories manufactured by them for use on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 devices. But ironically, both Samsung and the third-party manufacturers remain tight-lipped on this. But sooner than later, a declaration from Samsung would satisfy many. One consolation, as of now, is that not many Android 4.4 Kitkat have rolled out, making the problem less impacting.

The “region locking system”, designed in Samsung Note 3 to discourage “grey market” activists, has also of late become annoying, as access doesn’t work even when “unlocked.” Samsung has however owned it up as its wrong feature.

Developers, though already seized of the need for solving all these shortcomings in their updates, have also brought out some temporary solutions by working with rooted devices and the Xposed Framework mod. Users also, applying their innovations, have found some quick fixes for these, though temporary; they relocate the chip from an official case into a third-party manufactured case making it work with phone earphone magnet, in a bid to overcome Android 4.4 problems.

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