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Nokia Joins Apple to Put a Ban on Samsung Products

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to be unveiled at the March 14th event and already lot of good and bad rumors are flying around. The most recent one which comes just few days before Galaxy S4’s release is Nokia’s patent attack on Samsung. Apple is already up against putting a ban on sales of some of the products from Samsung in US. Now, Apple is not the only company that is fighting against Samsung, Nokia has also teaming with Apple on the same purpose.

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Nokia Demands Permanent Ban on Samsung Products

On 4th March, 2013, Nokia applied for a permanent ban on certain Samsung products at the U.S Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington. The exact information on the brief filed on Samsung by Nokia is yet to be disclosed to the media. Nokia is of the view that the court made a wrong decision when it rejected Apple’s request to put a permanent ban on Samsung products.

At one point of time, Nokia and Apple were fighting against each other. In fact, Nokia had filed a case against Apple in 2009. The case was settled by Apple in 2011 by paying unrevealed royalties to Nokia. When Nokia went against court’s decision on not banning Samsung products, Nokia went on to say that such a rule can result in huge damage to US patent protection.

Apple and Nokia Join Hands to Ban Samsung Products

Apple had requested the court to fast-track its appeal but the plea was rejected by the Federal Circuit. After that the case has been allotted to three-judge panel for further action. The deadline suggested by Apple for the filings was 19th February. Soon Nokia entered the scene and asked for an extension period of 14 days in order to submit their brief. The grant was accepted by the Federal Circuit. Nokia’s lawyer Keith Broyles claims that Nokia is a major patent owner and it wishes banning of certain Samsung products to safeguard its patent rights.


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