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KitKat, the next version of Android

Google has named the next version of Android OS as KitKat. Google’s Android has the history of calling the previous versions of operating system as Ice cream Sandwich, Gingerbread and Jelly bean. Android OS is one of the leading mobile operating system and it has increased the usage of smartphone, tablets among users. This is the surprise news for majority of the technology geeks. Everyone expected the release of Android 4.4 in October by the name Key Lime Pie. However, the new version of Android 4.4 is going to be called as KitKat not by Key Lime Pie.


John Lagerling, director of Android global partnerships, told BBC that the deal is not the kind of money changing, but Google loves KitKat and Vise versa. The Nestle’s Kitkat chocolate is the favorite one among many software team members, So we asked for the iconic choco bar to its name. Moreover, he said that the plan was to do somewhat entertaining and surprising.

Google earns more than 1 billion Android activations every day said Larry page, Google’s chief executive. Google’s Android team is reportedly having discussions with Nestle to use the KitKat name for the latest version of Android mobile operating system.

This awful naming method raises several questions about the prospect of Android. Moreover, there is a big question about the integration of ads and other services. It creates a eagerness among users about the integaration of ads and branding.

Google says that, it is their aim to have a collaboration with Kitkat to create an excellent Android experience to all the users. However, it is really a vague one. Google plans to implement its next Android version in low-cost smartphones, smartwatches, laptops and gaming consoles.

Moreover, Google receives the report from the US government about the malware attacks on Android device when comparing to other devices.Google proclaimed that the problem has now recorded and the system being activated on smartphone or other mobile devices. Company is continuously trying to fix the issues.

Moreover, they announced many deals and offers to customers in order to market the product. For promotion they have a planned to run a contest that offers buyers an opportunity to win either a Google play credit or Nexus 7.

Concealed story

The officials of the two companies met secretly and laid a plan for the future version during the Mobile World Congress which was held at Barcelona on February 2013.

In order to promote the product, Nestle plans to distribute more than 50 miillon bars for marketing Android mascot in 19 markets, which includes India, Japan, US, UK, Brazil and Russia. Keeping the information sensitive was important to both the firms.

Mr. Lagerling said that, they did not reveal the name of the latest version among the employees, they keep on calling it as Key Lime Pie. Majority of the employees only knew when the statue of Kitkat was exposed at the firm’s mountain view office.

The announcement of Android latest operating system as Kitkat is going to be a big surprise among numerous people, including Googlers.


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