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Intel’s new Android 4.2.2 code lets you dual boot with Windows 8

Intel has brought about a great buzz in the market with its new Android 4.2.2 code. This code will first be seen in the Asus Transformer AiO that will be launched soon. The best part about the Android 4.2.2 code is that it helps in the dual boot of the Android alongside Windows 8 OS. This new code works on the UEFI technology rather than the BIOS. Intel’s Android 4.2.2 code does not support booting through BIOS technology.

What does Intel has to say about Android 4.2.2 code?

android 4.2.2 jelly beanAccording to Intel, Android 4.2.2 code is still “rough around the edges”. This new code is somewhat lies in the category of pre alpha software. This Android 4.2.2 code is still in the testing phase and lots of work still needs to be done on it. Researchers are on it and they are testing it on spare laptops, desktop and other machine modules to access its significance. This code will not be that decent as you might be thinking of. It will not be much user friendly and you will have to learn up the way to deal with it.

How does Android 4.2.2 code works?

This is somewhat technical but I have tried to give a gist of its mechanism. Using this new Android 4.2.2 code, you can install Google’s OS alongside Windows. It can then be switched on to the GRUB loader to enable boot time setting. This move from Intel will give an encouragement to the UEFI systems as well. It will give boost to Windows phone as well as they will now be peeking into the touch screen market soon. Windows has not produced many touch screen phones but after the advent of Android 4.2.2, you will see a good collection of such phones in the market.

Once the Android 4.2.2 code gets properly installed in the phone, you can then shift the Android OS to an empty drive on your phone (Windows 8 tablet or any other phone). The essential software gets stored up in several storage spaces on the phone. Other necessary technological change automatically gets on the way.

Intel has not said anything about the release date of this new Android 4.2.2 code. But, they will try to release it soon mainly because of the excitement it has created in the market. It will also be interesting to see the devices in which this code will be applied. It is definitely going to add a new taste in the market.


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