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Google Glass is slowly maturing to be a great wearable technology

Google glass is not yet ready for the consumers. However, Glass gets better and more powerful because of its frequent software updates. Glass acknowledged the update of XE9 and it includes new key features and some tweaks. XE9 is the latest Glass operating system of Google and it is rolled out by the company on Sep 9. With MyGlass, several new features and Google now cards are available.

Google Glass


Vignettes is one of the new feature of XE9. It is similar to a screenshot tool in desktop computers. Vignettes are the best way to share with others about the experience of Google’s glass. It allows the user to superimpose a photo using Glass to generate an image that’s taken from the camera. The result will be accurate based on how the Glass wearers view the image. It allows you to scroll to wherever you want, whether it be a Tweet, news clip or weather updates and then press the camera button. Vignette is the best feature for sharing a good personal picture on social networks.

Youtube Videos:

In the previous release there was not YouTube videos, it has introduced the power of videos from YouTube in the Google search you make through Glass. The search results from Google can have results from YouTube if you include “Videos on YouTube” along with your search query. Glass already has a great video player to view these videos from web. Each and every aspect of the video can be controlled by using the touchpad for the Glass. There’s a drawback with this video player, astonishingly it cannot play video links present in Twitter or in your email, anyway it is a good update in this version.

Sound search:

Google’s sound search has finally been included to Google glass. To choose a song you can simply swipe forward or you can press the touchpad on the Glass. According to that Glass will play your selected song to your immediate vicinity. Regrettably, tagged songs will not synchronized to your sound search history. There are some good improvements to the google search results, such as automatically adding selected clips from trending News according to the search query.

Remote control:

Android’s MyGlass 1.7 app lets the users to utilize screencast functionality in order to control the Glass. Along with this Google has introduced new Google now cards to enhance the glass experience.

Reminder Cards:

It allows you to set reminders on your mobile device through Google calendar. You can also receive the event reminder on the Glass timeline itself.

Transit cards:

One of the greater usage of Glass is navigation using realtime maps from Google. It provides you with the directions easily on Glass.

Nearby Attractions:

This is an interesting app found in latest Glass operating system. It shows you the nearest Glass wearer when you travel around.

This latest version of OS now supports most of Google Apps. Google’s wearable technology Glass is slowly maturing into a super private gadget. Pretty soon the Glass will be available for normal customers.


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