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Fir BlackBerry Z10 Update Available, Bugs and Battery Life Issue Fixed

It has only been a month or so since BlackBerry Z10 was unveiled to the world on January 30th, the makers have released their first update which fixes various bugs like camera and battery life issue. The much-awaited BB Z10 is now available for purchase. Early buyers are giving feedback which has helped BlackBerry formerly known as RIM to release first update based on the feedback it has received.

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Whats In Store With the First BlackBerry 10 Update

The update brings BlackBerry OS v10.0.10.85 to the BlackBerry Z10. The update helps in improving the battery life and fixes other bugs as well. The update also brings improvement to Gmail calendars for BB10 OS. The fix helps in offering an improved way in transferring contacts from online sources.

The update also improves the performance of third party apps and soon the OS is going to support popular apps. A lot of new apps, including the popular WhatsApp are expected to release this month. The update makes it possible for users to snap better photos in low-lighting conditions. Even the stock internet browser is able to play videos better than before.

Most Important BlackBerry Z10 Udpate

The most important fix BB has released is battery life improvement. BB claims that the update release fixes more than sixty battery life which will help in offering better battery performance on BB Z10 phones. After the update, the phone takes a little more time to finishing charging.

If you are a BlackBerry Z10 owner and you got it without subscribing with a carrier, you can access the update by going to Settings > Software Updates > Check for Udpates. If you have purchased BB Z10 from a cellular service provider, you will have to wait for some time until BlackBerry makes the update available in the forthcoming weeks.

BlackBerry Z10 is not yet available with leading carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon in US. The phone will be released in the coming month when BlackBerry will also be releasing two new smartphones.


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