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Facebook Messenger With Face Calling Coming Soon

Facebook is just about everywhere now. It is growing big and FB has become something people across different ages are getting addicted to. Canada based Android users will be the first set of users who are going to use the new Facebook Messenger app that allows you to do voice calls.


Make Free Voice Calls Through Facebook Messenger

According to the news item available on Engadget, the Android Facebook messager can be updated so that you can make VoIP calls through it. This will allow you to make free of charges calls to anyone who has an Android phone with Facebook messenger in it. You will also be able to communicate with iPhone users having the Facebook Messenger. The app also allows you to create group conversations in some smartphones. It can also combine and show your Facebook and phone’s SMS together.

Availability for Other Markets

Now that you have got an open source VoiP app which allows you to do instant messaging, there is hardly any need for buy prepaid minutes when you can simply update to v2.3 of the Facebook messenger. If you are living in Canada or America, the update will be available to you. The app is still in its initial stage and since different people are making use of phones with different operating systems like iOS, Android and BlackBerry, the number of people to whom you can make free calls will probably be less.

Engadget claims the quality of the voice calls is good; however, it is only when large number of people starts using the updated app, the outcome can be known. The Facebook Messenger app is available through Google Play Store. We felt that Facebook was just testing the app with Canadian and once they felt the app is good, they released it for the Americans. There are many countries like India and Brazil that are still waiting for the update to be available.


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