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Some eye openers of Android 4.3

Jelly Bean 4.3 is the latest version of Android OS that was introduced by Google. Absolutely, it will be the best mobile OS in the recent times. Majority of the users are keenly interested in updating the device with this excellently featured OS. Moreover, Google has introduced a Nexus tablet and a new streaming Chromecast. The new Nexus 7 will execute on the new Android version 4.3. It includes many goodies for accessing control, for gaming and for connecting with health devices.

Here we are going to discuss about some of the new features of Android 4.3.

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Restricted Profiles for several users:

Google revealed multiuser profile control in the latest version of Android. However, Google introduces a new feature known as restricted profiles. This feature lets multiple users to have the complete control over the device or restricted access to the device. Based on the restrictions placed by the device owner, the user can access the device accordingly. Using this feature, the user can restrict the app usage and content consumption easily that executes on android device. Besides, it allows multiple users to set profiles for their own on the device. For example, using this feature the parents can easily control their children by not allowing them to access some apps or games on their device. It is best suited for parental control.

Bluetooth Smart Ready:

Google proudly rolled out a new wearable technology Bluetooth Smart Ready in Android 4.3. This feature supports numerous Bluetooth accessories like thermometers, pedometers, heart rate monitors and more. The major advantage is that it will not influence the battery life of the device. In earlier version, this feature was missing.

Wireless streaming through Miracast:

Any television, which supports Miracast technology, is having the capability of obtaining wireless streaming video from Android 4.3. This feature allows the user to continue watching the videos on TV, which is being watched on the mobile device. What a graceful feature it is!

OpenGL ES3.0

OpenGL ES is suitable for game lovers. With this feature, the device can offer a high quality graphics for games and provides an excellent feel to some great gaming applications. It provides high performance graphics to games. Mentioning this feature is worth, because this feature did not exist in the previous versions of Android.

Notification Bar:

Notification bar is one of the excellent features in Android and it has the best user-friendly feature. This feature enhances the control of advertisement and it creates the interaction with some essential notifications of the status bar. This great feature of this version will help the developer to target the notifications to main device and to the secondary device. The secondary devices can be a wearable smart watch, where you can receive and interact with the notifications. Google has implemented this ability in Android 4.3 to stream videos and photos wirelessly among devices. This feature is similar to Apple’s Airdrop. Besides, Google provides numerous enhancements by offering security to the operating system and it forces all applications to work inside the sandbox. These are some of the best features available in Android 4.3


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