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A Sleek Choice in the Android Market – Google Nexus 4

Google is relatively a watchful entrant in the fast expanding market of Smartphones in-spite being the developer of the prestigious android OS. It has entered into this elite club with the introduction of its flagship product – Nexus 4 on the basis of a steady collaboration with LG . Someone can feel like asking where are its previous three versions, but the fact is, this is the first Smartphone from its repertoire of android products. Accompanied by a glossy display with an enviable resolution, this high end product from Google is here to make a lasting impression in the circle of android phone enthusiasts.

Google Nexus 4
Google Nexus 4

The phone boasts of the latest version of the android OS – the jellybean. Since Google itself is the developer, the integration of the OS  with the hardware of the phone is perfectly in sync. The 4.7 inch tidy display of the phone is the standard dimension that most of its rivals are sporting. The body of the phone has a seamless look with a little curvy edges. The appearance is slender and the set is comfortable to grip.

The Google Nexus 4 boasts of a fine glittering effect when you tilt its rear that adds to its charisma. There are few negatives like definite access to the battery counter and absence of slot for the memory card. But a smart USB port that also functions as a display output balances these shortcomings. It has got an internal memory of 8 GB that more or less tallies with the memory capacity of other similarly designed android phones.

Nexus 4’s speed will keep you in awe. The applications of the phone run tremendously fast and the main functions of the set have a smooth interface due to the advanced android OS.


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