Motorola releases video of its new Smartphone before Samsung Galaxy S4 launch

Motorola played a smart move just before the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4. Motorola has released the video of its new Smartphone (Motorola X-Phone) as a signal to its competitors that it is still in the race. The Smartphone appears to be really pretty in the video and the video is creating a great buzz all over the web. Speculators are of the opinion that this is the same X-Phone from Motorola which was round the corner for a good while now. Google is more than enough excited about this phone as they are approaching the 18 months of their ownership of Motorola. If everything goes well, then this new Smartphone from Motorola is capable of earning the “Nexus” tag from Google.

Motorola X-Phone Video

What’s there in Motorola X-Phone?

This new Motorola Smartphone is powered by Snapdragon S4 processor and is supposed to run on Android 4.2. With 720 pixels AMOLED display and a high resolution screen makes this phone even more lucrative to use. From the video, it can be deciphered that the external look of the phone is pretty much similar to Nexus 4. This phone gives more of a professional type of look rather than anything else. Like other Motorola phones, this one too runs on the GSM carrier which in turns makes the opportunity open for all the users apart from Verizon Wireless. With a 2 GB RAM and substantial internal storage space, this phone has all the stuffs to crave you in.

The sharp curves and the thinness of the phone can be eminently seen in the video. It seems like that Motorola X-Phone will compete with iPhone 5. There are a few changes, of-course, in the traditional design of Motorola phones but you will definitely enjoy hanging out with it. The curved backing given in this phone is something new. Not everything has been noticed from the video especially about the front facing camera and how swift the touch screen is.

Drawback of Motorola X-Phone

Though most of the things looks almost fine in the video, there are few drawbacks which can affect the performance of Motorola X-Phone largely. The foremost of them is that Motorola X-Phone comes with 720 pixels resolution while most of the other Smartphone has 1080 pixels display. It is definitely going to impact the sale of Motorola X. Another thing to be paid attention is that it may be the last phone from the Motorola pipeline as the upcoming phones will totally have the Google technology. What would be the price of this Smartphone is another important thing to take care of.

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