Motorola nXt Could Be the Forthcoming Motorola X Phone


Motorola may be not a popular in the world of smartphones but it has consistently produced decent smartphones. Their first effort towards Android which was Motorola Droid was quite a popular phone. Now, like all the other popular brands, Motorola too is waiting to unveil its new phone very soon. What is being called as X Phone from Motorola for quite some time has surfaced with a name Motorola nXt.

Motorola nXt – The Suspected X Phone?

Here is an image that has surfaced which shows the Motorola nXt name. The image is not an official release from Motorola. Still the image does create doubts on whether the X Phone which is in the news for past few months is really the Motorola nXt. Also, when the Motorola nXt releases will it put to rest the X Phone name completely? Or will this be a beginning of new line of X devices from Motorola? The leaked image only creates more doubts rather than providing answers.

Technical Specifications of Motorola nXt (Motorola X Phone)

Since several months people are talking about the X Phone. In fact, details on the technical specifications of the X Phone are also doing rounds on the web. The Motorola X Phone will not be having a 5inch screen that most popular brands like Samsung and HTC are using. The display size is expected to be 4.7inches. It will support full HD resolution.

At the rear of the phone, there is a 16MP camera whereas at the front there is a video-calling camera of 5MP. It also packs in Nvidia’s Tegra 4i chip and A9 cores. It will also support 4G LTE connectivity. The body of the Motorola nXt measures slightly less than 8mm. We hope to soon receive official info on the Motorola nXt.

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