Moto G 16GB version gone out of stock within 30 min of launch


Motorola Moto G launched on 6th February at 12:00 at and within 30 min of launch first lot of Moto G 16GB version gone out of stock. With this we can determine the amount of craze Indian market has about this device. It’s a good sign for both dying Motorola as people are liking this device. Moto G 8GB version is still available at

This huge craze is mainly because of low pricing and high-end spec. India is a price sensitive market, and at Rs. 13000 they cannot get a better phone than this. If they try to find similar phone from Samsung, Sony, LG then it will cost them in between Rs. 20000- Rs. 30000. Budget brands like Intex, Micromax, Acer, Intex, Karbonn are not been able to meet the standard of Motorola.

Another advantage of buying Moto G is guaranteed and quick software update. Late time it provided Android 4.4 within a span of 2 weeks.

Update: Moto G 8GB version Gone our of stock

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