LG G Pad 8.3 Tablet Features,Specifications and Price


LG is back with its tablets after some years and i am sure it is going to have the best place in the market. Recently some tablets have been launched like Samsung Note 3 , Nexus 7 and few other tablets, do you think that this new product which is a tablet can overcome with these popular tablets ??. Well this might be a big probability and huge business profits if the LG overtakes them.
Oops I forgot to tell on thing, i started to narrate without telling about the tablet name, type,and specification itself.. Please apologize me for this. Now lets see about the new LG product!

Recently, LG has launched a tablet called LG G pad 8.3 and it is called the next Google Edition device because it is made by them. But how can this be possible?because they want to overtake its own nexus 7 with their new product!! Well In business anything thing can be possible.

Features of LG G pad 8.3

This device has a 8.3 inch screen display and that’s why the model is named as LG G Pad 8.3.  This device is powered with a powerful 1.7Ghz quad core processor which helps you to multitask with your device, as when you’re on tablet you will addict with  the more usage of reading and playing type applications. So get ready and prepare a list to download and install you applications. This tablet has a special feature called Q-pair, it can pair with your android smartphone and can easily connect to it if you have any hesitations with the tablet. Isn’t the tablet really cool ? It also includes some other features like Multi-tasking qslide function, Multi-tasking slide aside, smart share, qremote, multi-user function. It has some really cool features which will make your easier to use and perform very smoothly. This is why I stated that can this tablet overtake the other popular tablets like Samsung Note 3 and Nexus 7.

Specifications of LG G Pad8.3

Manufacturer: LG
Model: G pad 8.3
Type: Tablet
Camera: 5 mega pixel rear camera and 1.3 mega pixel front camera
Hardware: 1.7 quad core processor with 2GB RAM
Software: Stock Android 4.2.2 operating system
Display: 8.3 inch full HD screen
Video recording: at 1920 x1080 p pixels
Battery Backup: 4,600 mAh which is quite normal for tablet, they have a large screen which consume more battery and the battery life may last fot 8 -10 hours on continuous use.
Special features: includes q-pair, multi-tasking qslide, multi-tasking slide, smartshare, qremote,multi-user function.
Connectivity: Wifi, Bluetooh 4.0, GPS, Smartshare.
Storages: Internal storage is 16Gb and expandable is upto 64GB, use only sandisk micro sd cards for better performance and quality.

Price In India

Price of this tablet is  Rs. 30,000 and I think this price is too huge when compared to the specifications and other devices.

Nexus Devices are better when compared to this tablet, but LG maintains the quality within them and still it can have a good place in the Indian market. I think the adding of special features and the raise in the taxes for shipping have increased a price in India.

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