How is Sony Xperia Z better than Nexus 4?


Not much time has been passed since the release of both Sony Xperia Z and LG Nexus 4. But, both these phones have given a stiff competition to the well placed Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. But, we will briefly review the features of Xperia Z and Nexus 4 and how is Sony Xperia Z better than its counterparts?

Sony Xperia Z is counted among one of the most intriguing Smartphone Sony has ever produced with a variety of modern features and stuffs going its way. We have listed few spheres in which Xperia Z did well than Nexus 4. Here we go….

  • High Resolution

    Sony Xperia Z has an edge over the Nexus 4 especially on the screen resolution. While Nexus 4 comes with 720 pixels resolution, Sony Xperia Z offers you a higher resolution of 1080 pixels. Such high resolution makes it pleasant for the audience to play games, apps, etc. in style. Even the display of Sony Xperia Z is larger in comparison to Nexus 4. So do take this thing into consideration.

  • Camera Quality

    Well, frankly speaking Nexus 4 has an impressive camera of 8 MP but Sony surpassed it by a fair margin by providing a 13 MP high quality rear view camera. But the best part about Xperia Z’s camera is its Exmor RS Sensor. Sony is counting on this feature as the USP of its product. Till now, Xperia Z’s camera is leading the rest by a fair margin.

  • Color Options

    Nexus 4 limit your color variant options as it is just available in black and white variants, while Sony Xperia Z has already been released in three colors including black, white and purple. Sony may release some more variants soon depending upon the demand.

  • Sony Xperia Z certified by PlayStation

    Yes, you got it right. Sony Xperia Z has been certified by PlayStation which in turn increases the options gamers have with them. Apart from Google Play store, gamers can choose their favorite collections from Play Station as well. Nexus 4 can’t be of any help in this regard.

  • Battery Performance

    Both Nexus 4 and Xperia Z is equipped with a standard sized battery, but Sony has came with an advanced feature called Smart battery Mode. This feature makes it convenient for the users not to scramble for the charger each time. There are other battery saving features installed in Xperia Z which ensure that battery works for a standard length of time.

It will definitely of good opinion to go through the above mentioned stuffs as it will give you informed knowledge about which phone to choose.

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