HTC One UltraPixel Camera – A Cool New Feature or Gimmick?

HTC-One (2)

HTC is going to launch its flagship device – The HTC One, very soon. By the launch of this device, it is going to unveil UltraPixel camera technology which is capable of producing high quality images that are better than the megapixel cameras available on other smartphone.

What is UltraPixel Camera ?

HTC goes on explaining that the UltraPixel technology will be made available with a brand new camera sensor which is almost the same size of the present cameras that are being used on other smartphones. However, it offers a 50 to 68% lower resolution and by this it will be able to produce images that are brighter, crisper and sharper. The loss in resolution will allow the camera sensor to absorb more light and the resultant images will be of topnotch quality. By this HTC wants to prove that cameras that come with higher megapixel do not necessarily mean that they can produce better photos.

The HTC One is available with ImageSense 2.0 which is image stabilization feature that allows you to record 1080p high quality videos at 30fps and 720p quality videos at 60fps seamlessly. The HTC One camera lens has a wide aperture of f2.0.

HTC One UltraPixel Camera hands on

When we saw the images taken from HTC One smartphone, we were not that impressed by the quality. The 4MP camera of HTC One is capable of giving competition to the 5MP camera of iPhone 5 as it manages to snap detailed macro shots and produces good quality images in low lighting conditions. However, the HTC One camera does not perform well when it comes to general photo shooting.

If camera is not the only feature you are looking for then the HTC One is very impressive and competitive device. It has got full HD SLCD 3 display, 1.7Ghz Snapdragon 600 CPU, 2GB DDR3 RAM and outstanding sound output through exclusive dual sound chips.

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