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Securing your Android Smartphone and Tablet

Simple steps to secure your Android Phone

Android is a very popular platform for mobiles and most people would say that they prefer Android to any other OS available today. The Google Play Store is something that has added to the popularity of this OS because of the large and varied applications that are available. But just like any other smartphone, your Android phone will be prone to theft. Luckily there are many efforts being made to make Android phones secure.

Securing your Android Smartphone and Tablet

One such feature in your Android phones is the ability to automatically block your phone if too many continuous failed attempts are made to access it and this feature deletes all the data stored in your phone as well as the data is probably private and confidential and you would not want someone else to have access to it anyway. The phone also locks automatically after a being idle for a while.

If you can secure your phone with this app you will ensure that your data is safe and will not fall into the wrong hands if you lose your phone.

5 steps to secure Your Android-Based Smartphone

  1. Always use Android’s built-in security
  2. Avoid using Free open wi-fi networks
  3. Always try to download app from Google Play Store
  4. Check application permeation before installation
  5. Install a mobile security app

Apart from this, you can always take additional steps to ensure that you don’t lose your phone in the first place. For further security you can always  use some of these one of these Android security apps:

Android Security App No.1

Lookout Security & Antivirus

Android Security App No. 2

Avast! Mobile Security

Android Security App No. 3

Norton Antivirus & Security

Android Security App No. 4

AVG Mobilation

Android Security App No.5

NQ Mobile Security

Any queries regarding the procedure to secure your android smartphone? Ask it in the comment section.


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