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Cut The Rope Android Game – Features, Review, Download

Android users had to wait a fair bit of time for the popular “Cut the Rope” game to migrate across from iPhone. But in June of 2011, the wait was finally over. ZeptoLabs brought the entire IOS app over intact to the Android platform, including all the free extra levels they had released for the original iPhone game.

The opening graphics are ridiculously sweet yet sad. You hear the doorbell ring and the door opens to reveal a brown cardboard shipping box on your doorstep, emblazoned with a “Feed with Candy” sticker. The side of the box facing you has a small hole cut in it and through that hole are two little eyes looking hopefully up at you. This little monster in the box as the sticker says, has to be fed with candy, and the only method you, the player, have of doing that is by cutting a rope.

Cut The Rope Android Game

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Key features of Cut The Rope Android Game

  • 14 boxes with 350 levels
  • Superpowers
  • Innovative physics game-play
  • Outstanding graphics
  • Adorable character
  • Constant free updates with new levels and animations

Cut The Rope android Game Review

Once you open the box, you are faced with a series of puzzles dealing with simple physics. No, not equations, but the simple mechanics of swinging objects in gravity. The swinging object is a piece of candy and you have to cut the rope it’s swinging on at just the right moment to drop the candy into the little monster’s mouth. Sounds simple and, on one level it is, but there are some challenges. One such challenge is that there are at least three stars on every level which you must collect by swinging the piece of candy through their position before you drop the candy in the little monster’s appreciative mouth. With every level, the puzzles gradually increase in complexity and cleverness. There is time for you, the player, to learn new tricks and apply those tricks to higher levels.

New gadgets appear on higher levels as well. The swinging candy can’t go up by itself but if you swing it into a bubble, the bubble rises carrying the candy with it. Need to swing higher or faster? Air bladders appear in higher levels (squeezed by pressing with a fingertip) which will push the swinging candy either higher or faster, sometimes both. Tricks and gadgets like this make increasingly complex puzzles possible, and you may have to study and play each new level for a while before you figure it out. Of course the first thing you think of trying may fail; fortunately there’s a convenient “replay this level” button.

The little monster’s reactions to your success or failure are almost better than the game itself. He looks very happy when you manage to feed him. He starts tapping his feet when you take too long, and sports a disappointed expression if you miss his mouth or float the candy up off of the screen because you didn’t pop the bubble in time. This little monster’s expressions are so cute and priceless.

This game is great for those playing for the skill but also a fun time for kids and young adults who enjoy the “fun factor” of playing the game.

Cut The Rope Game preview screenshot

Download Cut The Rope

There two versions of Cut the rope is available in Google Play store. Free and paid

Cut The Rope free version: Download cut the rope android game for free from Google play store from this link

Cut The Rope paid version: Download cut the rope paid version from Google play store for $0.99 from here. paid version will not have any ads.


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