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  • How to remotely access your computer from a Samsung Galaxy phone


    LogMeln Ignition allows you to access your computer from your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone or tablet – useful if you’re out of the office and need something vital stored on a PC or Mac. In order to use LogMeln Ignition you should already have a LogMeIn account. If not, you can create one by visiting the LogMeIn website. You’ll […]

  • Guide to Dual Boot Ubuntu OS and Android in a smartphone


    Ubuntu is the one of the most popular free operating system in the world , because of its Open Source software nature. Few months ago they have launched Ubuntu OS for smartphones who want to develop apps and want all the features what a developer needs. While Android doesn’t support some software’s while developing, so […]

  • A guide to run Android 4.3 in your personal computer


    Google’s most popular OS for mobile device is Android. Android device has been widely used by the users around the world. Many free apps are available for android. Besides that majority of the companies are supporting Android because of its amazing features and availability of applications. Android has been used everywhere in the world. Due […]

  • Get Emoji on Samsung Galaxy S4 without rooting


    Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most advanced smartphone in the world, getting Emoji on Samsung Galaxy S4 without rooting is a bit tricky. This article will provide you step by step guide to install Emoji on Samsung Galaxy S4 without any rooting. previously we shared How to install emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3 which requires your Galaxy S3 to be rooted, but after that […]

  • How to Install Android 4.3 On PC Using Virtual Box


    Android is an open source and popular mobile operating system, not only for mobiles you can also find android in tablets, pc’s and phablets. Since its is being very demand able by most of the users all over the world.  Tons of developers for android are inventing new apps , making new custom roms, building […]

  • Rooting your Android device, Is it good?

    Root android phone

    Android is the best customizable mobile OS. Rooting to Android device is the hot topic among millions of users around the world. Majority of the Android users have certain limitations to access the device. However, Did you know that you can squeeze and tweak lot of items in your mobile? Rooting is the best way to […]

  • How to update galaxy s2 to Android 4.2 jelly bean


    All those who are using Galaxy S2 and looking forward to update their device to the most recent Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, you can follow this step by step guide which is written in the most consolidated manner. While installation you may come across some of the bugs and minor issues but you can easily […]

  • 7Super simple ways to promote your first Android app


    Marketing the mobile app is as important as creating it. Just launching an app in app store and waiting for downloads will not give you any results. Marketing is essential for increasing the download rates of the apps. Google play badge is one of the best promotion tools for your app. Android platform is the […]

  • How to optimize your Android mobile for a better experience?


    Majority of the people are now using Android devices in their daily routine. Besides, they have lot of applications installed on their phone for various purposes. Opening the applications will occupy the memory space and the CPU resources of the phone. As a result of this, the speed of the devices slows down and it will spoil […]

  • Security features in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean


    Security and privacy are the main concerns among the Smartphone and tablet users. Google is trying to provide security features to the Android users. Google’s newest version Jelly Bean 4.3 has several good features to solve the security issues. Google introduced important security features with the Jellybean release. Motorola has introduced “Skip” NFC tags to provide […]