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  • [Winners announced]Giveaway: 4 Licenses of Bitdefender Mobile Security for 12 months


    We reviewed Bitdefender Mobile Security in the past, and there we thoroughly discussed the merits and demerits of Bitdefender Antivirus for Android. It is one of the popular antivirus application available  in the Google play store, and buyers top choice for premium antivirus. Due to its popularity our team and Bitdefender decided to giveaway 4 licenses of Bitdefender Mobile Security for […]

  • Bitdefender Antivirus for Android Review


    With the ever-increasing popularity of Android ecosystem, the threats of malware are increasing day by day and to tackle this problem it is necessary to have an efficient Anti-Virus installed in your Android smartphone. As a general precaution I tend to not install untrusted applications from sources other than the Play Store, and also check my sd […]

  • Save your Android mobile data with simple backup apps


    Mobile device plays an important part in everyone’s life. Backup for your Android device is necessary to keep the important information safe.  In case of stolen or lost of Android device, then the valuable information such as photos, contacts, videos, text messages, etc., would be gone. Regular backup of the device would avoid the disaster scenario. Everyone […]

  • Tops apps to reduce the battery drain in Android devices.


    Several tips and tricks are available to prolong the battery life and to improve the performance of your Smartphone. Many apps are available to manage installed applications and to analyze the device. This reduces your worry about the battery draining. Many paid and free apps are available in Google play store. Most of the apps will work […]

  • Is there any alternative to Google Play store?


    Google play store is having more than 700,000 apps and games. It is the place that everyone knew and clearly it is the most famous place for downloading android apps. However, there are lots of alternate app stores are available in the market. There are some reasons to choose other android app stores. You can increase the […]

  • Free texting apps for Android is here to stay


    Are you sending more text messages to mobile phones rather than calling? Then you must install some of free texting app on your Android device to make the messages free of cost. Instant messaging services are replacing SMS message services on Smartphone. Instant messaging apps are free and it is easy to navigate. These apps […]

  • Securing your Android device, Is it possible?


    Android’s OS is popular and used extensively among most of the people around the world, which has created the demand for mobile applications in the market. Android is the best platform for all levels of users from normal users to cyber criminals who would easily use malware to sneak into them. According to the assessment […]

  • Skype for Your Android Tablet


    Skype for Your Android Tablet There is no doubt that Skype has turned out to be one of the most popular voice and video calling applications used in varied mobile devices including Android devices. What has been a concern for many however are the limited numbers of devices through which you can video call. The […]

  • GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera Android App


    Lights, Camera… GIFBoom! GIFBoom (Animated GIF Camera), is compatible with both IOS and Android devices, is a free app which can create animated .gif images. But what’s a .gif file? This little file extension stands for Graphics Interchange Format and was introduced by CompuServe in 1987. Disagreement between CompuServe and the patent holder, Unisys, led to […]

  • Increase Your Android Device’s Battery life with JuiceDefender Application


    Increase Your Android Device’s Battery Power with the JuiceDefender Application While your Android device (Smartphone) has undergone great transformation that has led to slicker and faster phones, one thing has not satisfactorily been addressed; the battery life. In most cases, you rarely go through a day without recharging the battery. Thinking of going through three […]