Whatapp, How To Recover Space And Memory


The update of the instant messaging software that optimizes the use of storage space is coming.

WhatApp is implementing new tools to improve the use of storage space on smartphones. The user will be able to know how the popular instant messaging software occupies the mobile between photos, videos and audio.

The novelty takes the form of an update that is now under development and the final availability date is not yet known, neither in the beta versions nor in the stable app. The idea is to reduce the problem that most users end up having sooner or later with having or the lack of memory space in their mobile phone. Especially those who use low-end devices with little capacity and don’t check downloads through WhatsApp. Once you have sufficient space you can install games like usa online slots.

WhatApp, new tools to optimize space

The first of the tools under development is a filter that allows you to find large submitted files so that you can delete them more easily. The section has a storage bar which shows at a glance how much WhatsApp occupies with all received files . There is also a section that helps you review all these files sorted by different criteria, thus allowing you to carefully and consciously delete them.

In this second section, for example, you can sort files by size, view images or delete multiple files at the same time. All without leaving WhatsApp or installing external file managers. From the same section it is also possible to see the list of chats and how much they occupy , with the possibility of searching and managing specific conversations, both individual and group, being able to clean them to avoid taking up space.

All these features are still in the planning stage and may change not only in the final version, but also in the beta version. However, the fact that the most widely used messaging tool globally is developing these tools is proof of its competitive intentions. You can invite your friends in whatsapp group to join best real money online casinos.

WhatsApp audio messages, for example, occupy an invisible space on the mobile phone. Voice Notes is a basic WhatsApp tool that some users prefer to use to avoid writing long text messages. Recently, stickers with audio have become a trend , but sometimes it is difficult to search in conversations and files are often lost. Like any multimedia element, the audios take up space in the smartphone memory and are located in a folder that is not difficult to find. In many Android models it can be accessed from the internal memory.

This is a folder located in the phone settings or configuration. Inside there is another section where you can find all the gifs, videos and voice notes. There is a folder dedicated to WhatsApp audio files and they usually have very long names. It is therefore necessary to listen to them to know which audio should be eliminated.

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