Mobile optimized squeeze pages: How to create?

Mobile Optimized Squeeze Pages

Mobile optimized squeeze pages; how to create them properly? There’s nothing like the ubiquitous, bland, indecent landing page in internet marketing. It is still essential for list building, email marketing, and lead generation.

For those unfamiliar, a squeeze page (or landing page) is a simple web page built for one specific purpose: to capture information from prospective customers or subscribers. Ideally, you will get a real name and their best email address.

The site’s text, video, images, etc., must cover, persuade or otherwise “squeeze” visitors into your sales and marketing world.

Mobile landing pages are an evolution of the homepage because they must adapt to a world that is increasingly moving away from large desktop-enabled desktops and laptops. As you’ll see, mobile landing page ideas require a lot of thought and analysis to address issues that weren’t considered a priority until the advent of microscopes and spreadsheets.

The explosiveness of the computing growth movement

How users and prospects interact with the Internet has changed dramatically over the past decade. No longer are people confined to a desktop; as of 2013, most Americans read their email from mobile devices.

In addition, people like to use applications (“mobile applications”) for services such as Facebook, have music, and make phone calls. This paradigm shift requires online marketing to embrace and leverage the new mobile reality.

Basics for mobile optimized squeeze pages

Internet marketers need to deal with at least two (2) realities of mobile computing:

Cell phones are small and difficult to use. Pen-based, tactile devices are increasingly the norm, but even they require consumers to break away from their desktop habits.

Mobile phones are generally smaller than other devices, which makes the text difficult to read.

That’s why you must design your mobile landing pages carefully and make it easy for people to sign up for your newsletter, webinar, offer, etc. Even existing subscribers gradually click on your links from smaller devices, which means that the list’s retention and growth are pioneers for pushing page optimization.

Think outside the (Opt-in) box!

You are undoubtedly aware of the classic squeeze page design. You know, attention-getting a headline in bold red type and then giving away tips. Plus, of course, the yellow boxes where you’re supposed to enter your name and email address, respectively.

In the past, browsers and general visitors could have been more satisfied with the classic options. Still, they usually had no other options to access your information. Today, mobile technology is bringing closer social media and other communication technologies – thus a threat to opt-in marketing.

However, recent years have seen the creation of mobile tools to enable participation in as few as two keystrokes and zero text input!

A cost-effective option is to set up a mobile landing page with headlines and benefits as before, but direct clicks to a button that refers to mobile email programs (e.g., a pre-built reply letter) that is set up to confirm your intentions.

Ideally, your mobile compression sites are compatible with popular auto-responder email services, such as AWeber, which will produce valuable articles just as they did for traditional crisis posts.

Mobile Optimized Squeeze Pages
Mobile Optimized Squeeze Pages


Creating mobile landing pages will keep you ahead of the market and allow you to reach a growing number of mobile users.

A fully-squeezed mobile-optimized site will:

  • Increase your current rate by treating your online audience with special treatment and giving them no choice but to participate in your offers.
  • Make signing up easier with strategies and techniques that require less effort and text-based persuasion.
  • Optimize traffic by moving your mobile audience to your mobile landing page.
  • Offer you the metrics needed to track your progress and determine which pages are most profitable.


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