Find: How to Find a Person by Phone Number, Determine His Location

Find a Person

Sometimes it becomes necessary to find a person. Parents often face this problem. It is where cell phones come in handy. After all, modern mobile phones send signals about their location. This feature also helps in the loss or theft of the device.

Search and find a Subscriber by Phone Number

The determination of a geographical location is achieved thanks to the cellular signal it receives from the satellite. There are several applications that, after determining the coordinates of the site, show the subscriber as a point on the map, such as Russia. ms. – Family tracker; Tracker Plus.

But before using any of the programs, you should understand that these actions without the individual’s consent are considered persecution. Therefore, the subscriber who monitored has every reason to file a complaint to the police. But controlling a minor is perfectly acceptable. You need to install the appropriate application on your phone and activate it.

The search and find for the telephone location is performed using the CELL ID method. This service is paid for and can only be activated with the subscriber’s consent, as will monitor their number.

  • Location coordinate request – once every 5-7 minutes;
  • Error in determining the coordinates for the city is 50-200 meters, and outside the city – up to 1 kilometer;
  • If the mobile phone is deactivated, the search is impossible.

How to locate a person with different mobile operators

Each mobile phone company has its service based on the definition of digital code. In this case, the company will send you data in SMS format with a map and the place where the subscriber is. You need to install a particular application for Android or Apple. The application can be found on the official website of the network operator and downloaded to your device.

Find a Person by Phone Number
Find a Person by Phone Number


To determine the location of a loved one, your mobile carrier will offer you a Locator service. But for this service to work, the consent of another subscriber is required. To search for services, visit the site in the Locator section. Connection is free, and you will be charged for use.


Megaphone offers its users a service called “Radar.” The location of a person is also managed with his consent.


MTS is no exception and has a similar service. If you are a subscriber to MTS, the connection of this service must require you to send an SMS. Instructions for MTS subscribers.

Phone 2

The service for determining the geographical location of the Tele2 company works even without switching on the subscriber’s GPS guide. To activate the service, enter the command * 119 * 01 #. To add a number to the search, you need to enter * 119 * 1 * Phone number from 7.

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