7 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Mobile Phone

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You’ve just upgraded your mobile phone, so it’s time to say goodbye to your old one, right? Not necessarily! You can resell or recycle the phone, but there are many other things you can do with it, too. From using it as an emergency replacement to customizing it, you’ll never have to let your old phone go to waste again. Read on for 7 ways you can repurpose your old mobile phone!

1) Recycle it

Recycling your old phone is an easy way to keep the technology out of landfills. With a few clicks and a prepaid label, you’ll be able to recycle your phone at any UPS location. Contact your carrier: You can also donate your device to charity in order to help others have access to affordable wireless devices. You can also sell your old phones and get some money to enjoy casinos francais.

2) Create something with it yourself

1) The first thing you can do with your old mobile phone is taking it apart and use the parts for other things. For example, you could create a clock out of the pieces. Just be sure to label the pieces so you know how they go back together.

2) You can also use the phone’s battery as a power source for other electronics, like a lamp or a radio. Just make sure not to connect any metal that might create an electrical current.

3) Use it as a tablet stand or speaker dock

One way that you can use your old phone is as a tablet stand or speaker dock. You can turn it upside down and place the tablet on top of it for hands-free viewing or use it as a stand for your smartphone so you can watch videos hands-free.

4) Create an app with its help

If you’re upgrading your phone, chances are that you have an old one sitting around. You can always donate it or sell it for some cash, but why not put it to good use? With these ten clever uses for your old mobile phone, you’ll never have a reason to let it sit in your junk drawer again.

5) Turn Your Old Phone into a Smart Home Hub

If you have an old Android phone lying around, you could turn it into a smart home hub. Install the SmartThings mobile app on your old phone, then pair it with a new Samsung SmartThings Hub. You’ll be able to control all of your smart devices, as well as monitor and control them remotely from anywhere. Also you can use it for online gaming like real money casino online.

6) Turn your old phone into a security camera

One way you can repurpose your old mobile phone is by turning it into a security camera. You can do this with a free app called IP Webcam. All you need to do is download the app, set up a password for your account, and use the built-in camera on your old mobile phone. This will allow you to monitor things from any device that has an internet connection.

7) Turn your old phone into an assistant for the disabled and elderly

1) Turning your old mobile phone into a talking phone for the elderly and disabled can be a great way of keeping them in touch with their friends and family.

2) Set up voice memos for people who find it difficult to type on a keypad.

3) Turn your old mobile phone into an alarm clock that also wakes you up with music from your playlist.

4) Turn your old mobile phone into a Torch Light.

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