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Download Latest Google Play Store app v3.10.14

Another Google Play store app update rolled out, this time from Google play store v 3.10.10 to Google Play Store app v3.10.14. (See Google play store apk 3.10.10 update). This is a minor update with just a little bit of bug fixes. Here at the end of this article we will provide you download link for Latest Google Play Store app v3.10.14 so that you will be able to update it manually.

What’s new in Google Play Store app v3.10.14

When we compared file size with it’s previous version 3.10.10, we found only 14kb of difference. So it looks like it’s just a regular bug fix update, with no features altered. Though we found a bit change in it’s billing code, may be Google is trying to make it’s billing more secure.

Google Play Store App Update history with file size

  • Google play v5.5.19  3.81MB
  • Google play v3.7.11  5.07MB
  • Google play v3.7.13  5.07MB
  • Google play v3.7.15  5.07MB
  • Google play v3.8.15  5.35MB
  • Google play v3.8.17  5.35MB
  • Google play v3.9.16  5.22 MB
  • Google play v3.10.10  5.22 MB
  • Google Play v3.10.14  5.24 MB

Google Play Store app v3.10.14 screenshot

Download Google Play Store app v3.10.14

You can download Google Play store version 3.10.14 from this link. after downloading move the apk file to SD card, and install like any other app.


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