Similarities and differences between Google Android 4.2.2 and Apple ios 7


When iOS Betas 7 was  introduced in the beta from across the globe many suspected that it was long overdue and a drastic reformation of the user interface of the OS of the Apple phones.  The designs were highly impressive  but later they looked out of date. Thus there have been several amendments in the Android OS. The step taken by apple to get rid of the old system and replace it with more modern and latest technology is something highly applauded. In this article you can clearly see the difference between the iOS Beta 7 Platform and the Android 4.2.2 version.

Home screen of Google Android 4.2.2 and Apple ios 7

  • When you take into consideration , the home screen, the iOS hasn’t changed the core home screen, It is still in the form of folders and grids which exited someday back. But you can find live wallpapers which give a superfluous feeling. This applies to the most recent and developed Android 4.2.2 version as well.
  • For all those who want to customize their own home screens, the iOS doesn’t allow you with an option to do so. This problem has been fixed by Apple as it introduced 9 news applications . But Android leads against iOS as it allows every user to customize the home screen according to their ways without opening applications or the menus.

Notification of Google Android 4.2.2 and Apple ios 7

  • Moving further to the notification, Android has come up with the latest method for updating the notifications. All the Twitter and Gmail will directly show all the updates and notifications of music control on your phone.
  • On the other hand the iOS 7 notifications do not match with the new design. They event added much functionality.  They do not allow direct interaction with all the latest and updated notifications.

Apple recently added a new feature of quick-setting which will control the music and other applications like the calculator, Flash light, do Not Disturb etc. Thus Apple is taking cues to make their applications update and match up with the recent developments of the Android platform for phones.

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