Rooting your Android device, Is it good?

Root android phone

Android is the best customizable mobile OS. Rooting to Android device is the hot topic among millions of users around the world. Majority of the Android users have certain limitations to access the device. However, Did you know that you can squeeze and tweak lot of items in your mobile? Rooting is the best way to tweak your device upto the deepest level. Rooting allows the user to make updates to the operating system, taking backup of all mobile data and even it allows you to install Linux Distrol.

Remember that, rooting may cancel the device’s warranty and if the rooting is failed, then you may brick the device. Here are some other interesting reasons to root your android device.

Release hidden features:

Sometimes, your Android may not reveal some features to all. Moreover, an app may be blocked by carriers, some apps are not compatible with the device, slice into Android’s system file, etc. Rooting of the Android device helps you to install apps which are blocked by carriers, avail features from the newest Android version, convert the incompatible app to compatible one, etc. Rooting provides the power to do more.

Increase speed and performance of the battery:

With rooting you can increase the speed and performance of the battery of the device. Many apps like Greenify Root, Battery Drain Analyzer Monitor, Max battery booster, etc are available in Google Play store. Choose the best app to get better performance from the best in market. Even more you remove some of the unwanted apps that came preinstalled with the mobile phone.

Block ads:

Advertisements are the main source for earning and it plays an important role in marketing of some of the apps available in the market. However, frequent ad display may irritate the app experience for the people. By rooting your device, you can block the ads in particular device or in particular applications.

Better Backup:

Several backup applications are available to take backup of sensitive data like contacts, videos, photos, music, apps, etc. However, rooting of android device provides the best way to create an image of the complete operating system. Taking backup of all the data is a wonderful thing for all Android lovers. Titanium backup is the best app to take backup to the extreme level. It even helps to uninstall useless, space occupying, battery-draining apps from the device that comes preinstalled on the device.

Release the memory:

While installing an app in the device, it will store on the system memory. Rooting the device lets you to move the app to SD card easily and this can save memory space.

Battery life boost:

Some custom ROMS are built particulary to increase the battery life and develop the performance of the device. Several apps are available to increase battery life by consequentially decreasing the brightness, uninstall the useless app, switch off Wi-Fi when it is not in use, etc. These applications work well when the device is rooted, all the benefits can be attained by rooting to android device.

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