Level Up Your Google Chrome Performance on Android


Google Chrome is a web browser from Google which is available for almost all platforms with a responsive feedback. But sometimes because of few memory issues it makes the browser get crashed or may do something that can easily lag your phone while browsing the internet. So to prevent such issues you need to follow few steps or consider these as tips to level up your Google chrome performance on android.

Some of the crashing reasons are – 

  • Outage of RAM memory
  • Low Internal Memory
  • Force Close issues
  • Over Multitasking apps
  • and other issues in the app with some bugs.

Like these there are many other issues in the app that cannot have a specific answer, only the developers can know it and update the bug fixes!!  So lets check out the ways with which your browsing experience will not only be transformed into a simpler one but will be faster one as well.

1. When ever you are multi-tasking 4 or more apps at a time and you know that your chrome is about to crash then immediately go to ” Task Manager” and click Clear RAM which is restart the application without any deletion of the history. Sometimes your history will be deleted while sudden crashes, so to prevent this go to “Settings” and check the option “Continue from where I left”.  This will restore you history from where you left.

2. Open Google Chrome Browser application and select “Settings” from the list of options which you can get into by tapping on the Menu button. Now do necessary settings and uncheck unnecessary settings, this is reduce the time to load the app which worth’s a lot !!

3. This is a pro tip and to do this go to menu button and Tap on Developer Tools option, after that check the box to the right which is disabled by default and enable it by clicking on “Enable Tilt Scrolling”. This is nothing but won’t render the stack view which otherwise gets loaded once you fling the device. One of the most best tips that gives you a major change in the performance of the Google Chrome Application.

4. Always clear the cache and data usage by going into “Manage Applications” section or from the Settings option.  This should be done for every application. This will clear the temporary memory created by the application and will also increase your internal memory. If you want the right path for this then
Settings> Manage Applications,> select the application and > select “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” which will further speed up the browser or the application.

5.  When your browser load images while surfing it will take a lot of data consumption. So its better to use on Wi-Fi connection instead of data usage. If you are on some special plans provided by your service provider then you can use it on the data connection itself.

Yes!! These are some issues and solutions which cause and prevent your primary browser to crash and resolve it. If you have any other issues please report them so that we can solve it by discussing below.

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