HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 – Already the Fight is Over?

HTC-One (1)

The HTC One smartphone was unveiled few days to the world. The flagship device from HTC seems to be very promising and quite a competitor for leading smartphones in the market. However, HTC has one major flaw which has marred their sales greatly. They do not seem to advertise their products well and same goes for the powerful HTC One.

HTC’s Poor Advertising Strategy

You can hardly find any ads on the internet on the HTC One and you won’t find many news or articles written about this device. This does show that HTC is low on finance which is not allowing the phone to grab attention. The sad part is other popular brands are releasing topnotch smartphones and advertising their products well.

The Samsung Galaxy 4 is going to be unveiled on the 14th March event. HTC had good time to market its product well before the S4 releases but they failed to do it. The S4 is being marketed superbly by Samsung with teasers and ads showing up consistently. In fact, the HTC One’s press conference was not organized well. The conference room was small and it had occupied more than 250 journalists.

Samsung Making the Most of Advertising

Definitely Samsung will be organizing a grand opening party for the release of Galaxy S4. For the event, they have booked the Radio City Music Hall which is the place where MTV’s Video Music Awards are held. Also, very soon they will be hosting a huge party for the public at the Times Square. Also, the South Korean company lots of money to produce compelling advertisements for the Galaxy S4.

The Galaxy S4 is surely going to beat the HTC One. There are two reasons for it. One, the Galaxy S4 is a better phone. Two, HTC does not have sufficient money to advertise their flagship device. HTC One surely is one of the best phones ever made by the Taiwanese company but sadly it is losing out greatly

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