How to turn on Data Compression in Chrome for Android


With the last update, now Google Chrome beta for Android users will get data compression feature like Opera mini. This feature will optimize website content, hence sites will load much faster. in this update Google also introduced password sync and auto-fill features in Google Chrome Android Browser. This Data Compression feature is useful while in mobile network as this saves lots of your bandwidth hence saves money.

How to turn on Data compression in Chrome for Android:

  1. First of all Launch Google Chrome App
  2. after that type chrome://flags in address bar and hit “GO”
  3. Enable “”data compression proxy”
  4. Now close Google chrome and relaunc

    How to check amount of data saved using Data compression in Google Chrome

    it’s very easy to check the amount of data you saved using Google chrome data compression feature.

    1. Type chrome://net-internals and hit go.
    2. Navigate to Bandwidth

    With the above Google Chrome data compression you will be able to save almost 50% data usage. While the advantage of Chrome data compression is it doesn’t slowdown your browsing speed, though it saves almost the same amount of data Opera Turbo saves.

    Google Chrome vs. Opera mini Data compression

    Here is a chart showing the amount of data saved by both Google Chrome data compression tool and Opera mini Turbo mode

    Website Data compression in Chrome Data compression in Opera Mini  Mobile (Full Desktop site) 5.4% 28% 48.9% 50.4% 40% 27% 60.1% 57.6% (mobile site) 20.6% 18.9%

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