How to report an android appliction as SPAM to Google play store

Android is the number one open source platform and keeping this as an advantage anyone can develop and publish apps in Google play store with a onetime pay of 25$ for Google Play Store Account. Developers have a chance to create their own apps and publish it on play store.  By doing this, play store has exceeded over 1 million apps! In these apps, some of the apps seem to be legit and some seems to be illegal which may spam, steal your data or hack your user id & passwords from it.

In other words, some applications found in Google play store are not trust worthy and may contain viruses or some malicious codes which are very dangerous to a user data!! So if you find such apps you should immediately take an action by reporting them to Google.
Google is very fast in taking care of these things because they don’t want to spread spammers and black hat hacker to you can directly report to Google if you find such apps. So how to report Google?  Now is the question you will be getting in your mind. Don’t worry I was always here to help you and will always be with you to help your guys.

More Reasons to for reporting an app on Google Play Store:
1. Harmful codes
2. Key logging using scripts
3. Sexual content
4. Graphic violence
5. Hateful or abusive content
6. If you find any other objections that you feel are suspicious you can also report it

There are many apps that will be spamming things and others which may be harm to you so reporting to Google play store s to be considered. If you want to report then here is the procedure –

First go to play store and type the app name and now click on it and you will see words written in italic You would see an option  “Flag as inappropriate – Tell Google if you find the app or this screen has objectionable content”.

Click on that, and you would be taken to the next screen where you see the different reasons from which you need to select one based on the error you see. Once you click, once check you can now describe the reason on the objection and you will see a confirmation message as “ Objection submitted” . Seeing the reports from you will make them test and review the app for error once and decide you want it or not.

I will be also showing the step-by-step guide ins a small images!! Please your click on the images to watch in full size.



This is the way to report a spammy android application in Google play store, If you want more news and tips from this blog then please do join our email subscribing list.

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