How to optimize your Android mobile for a better experience?


Majority of the people are now using Android devices in their daily routine. Besides, they have lot of applications installed on their phone for various purposes. Opening the applications will occupy the memory space and the CPU resources of the phone. As a result of this, the speed of the devices slows down and it will spoil the experience of the apps. To avoid this condition, you have to clear the memory of Android device or have to clear the RAM that helps to clear up the space on the device.

Some downloaded apps may have virus, malicious files and it may contain any harmful data that slows down the phone by engaging with other resources. You can use Antivirus to remove the malicious files and virus from the Android device. However, this will not increase the speed and performance of the phone. Some apps are available to increase the speed of the phone at some extreme level.

Android Booster App:

Android Booster app is developed by NQ Mobile Security. This app is suitable for increasing the speed of the phone. It includes all basic and powerful tools. This app assists you to manage the usage of battery on the phone for longer time. Besides, it helps to hinder unwanted or worthless apps that occupy more memory. By doing this, it will increase the speed of the phone and it does not empty the phone’s battery. Moreover, it optimizes the applications by disabling the worthless apps with auto optimization. It offers the option to control network settings. Hence, it provides the opportunity to analyze the apps that are using internet. Managing files and applications are easy with this app as well as scanning the apps and files for viruses.


Optimizing the phone is one of the best ways for increasing the speed of the android phone. Closing all the useless apps can optimize the phone usage in an efficient way. Useless apps consume battery power and it slows down the device by occupying memory as well as CPU resources. This process can be done in manual and automatic way. In automatic way, the app will close the app even when the phone is locked.

Update Apps:

Regular updates of apps are necessary to increase the speed. You can avail the updates from Google play store. New versions of apps may be free of bugs and it may contain some added features. This enhances the application. Regular updates will help the phone to perform faster and better way as well as it will lessen the crashes.

High speed memory card:

Memory card is essential for every phone. To support high speed write or read operations, it requires 2 to 32 GB of storage space. So use a latest high speed memory card to increase the performance of the app.

Stop Synchronization:

Synchronization is the good feature to syncing the data with Google server. You will get regular notifications when the sync is on. However, it will minimize the performance of the Android phone. Try to keep the synchronization mode off when it is not required.

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