How to Check and manage App Permissions on Android


Use F-Secure to keep an eye on malicious and costly app permissions

Security is a massive thing for a lot of Android users and whether it’s keeping our phone from being stolen, or the sensitive data we don’t want people to access, knowing exactly what’s on your phone is vital.

Although there’s an abundance of mobile security apps on the market that are great for discovering and removing malware on Android devices, one of the commonly overlooked areas that users should really be regularly checking on is how the apps on their device function. Each
And every app you download onto your device requires a certain amount of permissions to run properly and it’s these permissions that you need to be careful of. With the F-Secure app, users can quickly scan and identify potentially harmful and costly permissions that could leave you out-of-pocket and render your phone useless.

1. Filter Permissions
When you first open the app, it will perform a scan on your phone to show you just how many permissions each app on your device has. Press on the F-Secure icon in the top corner of the app to open up the side menu.

2. Apps That Cost Money
The first filter you’ll want to check out is to see the permissions that could potentially cost you money. After selecting the option, you’ll be able to see which apps contain these permissions and how many of these each app has.

3. Check Permissions
Take a closer look at each app by selecting it from the results page. Now you can see exactly how the permissions affect your device. The problematic permissions will be highlighted in blue for you to read through.

4. Location Information
If you don’t want your phone tracking your location, then make sure to check the location information filter. You might be surprised with just how many apps require some location information while running on your device.

5. Start an Advanced Filter
There’s also the option to perform a filter based around a specific set of permissions. Open the side menu and press the advanced filter option before going through the permissions you want to scan your apps for.

6. See the Results
The app will now perform a full scan on your phone searching for the permissions you outlined. After gathering the results, you can press on an app to take a closer look at the other permissions it requires to function on your device.

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