7Super simple ways to promote your first Android app


Marketing the mobile app is as important as creating it. Just launching an app in app store and waiting for downloads will not give you any results. Marketing is essential for increasing the download rates of the apps. Google play badge is one of the best promotion tools for your app. Android platform is the best place for marketers to expand the business. Android is popular among millions of users around the world. It offers rich user experience and flexibility. Following are some of the simple marketing strategies for everyone to follow and market their app.

Social Media:

Social media marketing is influencing the planet in various ways than ever anticipated. New connections being raised frequently like the air proliferating out. Social media is the best way for marketing the app. Try to engage your app using social media to increase the user base. Integrate Facebook and twitter account in the app to get potential customers. Nowadays users are willing to interact directly with the developers to enhance the app. Social media is the best way for communicating and offering feedback about the product. If you have a paid app, then try giving it for free for a limited period for social media users.

Google Play:

Google play is the best place for marketing your app and obviously, it is the good starting point for publishing and promoting the app. Register with Google play using $25 and it offers a lifetime access to the service. Test the app thoroughly, before launching the app in app store. Avoid app crashing. Your app should engage the user in an effective way. It will instigate the users to share the app among others. Always the app should serve or relax the user in an efficient manner.

Mobile Ad networks:

Focusing on mobile ad networks is necessary to increase the earnings. Advertisement created for your app should load fast in the application. Remember it would not take more than 5 seconds to load. If not, the users will get bored and it will automatically lessen the download rates. Gathering attention is important for revenue generation. Mobile ads are the best way for monetizing the app and obviously, this is the good way for making money using Android apps. You can even try some paid app downloads supported by many mobile ad networks.

Reviews and Feedbacks:

Reviews and feedbacks about the app from the user is essential to improve the basic idea of the app. Positive testimonials will increase the download rates and increase the user base. Besides, you can receive some professional reviews and feedbacks for the app. This initiates the developers to make the app robust.

Press release:

Publishing press release about the app before and after the launch will increase the download rates. Place proper description and killer screen shots in the press release and this information will instigate the users to download and install the app on their device. Writing blogs are one of the few ways for promoting your app.

Follow these marketing strategies to promote your app among millions and increase the download rates.

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