5 Hidden Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 2

At the moment, the most popular phablet device available in the market is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Many users of this amazing phablet are unaware of its hidden features. Here are top 5 Hidden Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which probably you do not know.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Hidden Features


Mute Incoming Calls and Pause Music by Turning Over the Device
The inbuilt motion sensor on the Note 2 allows you to mute an incoming call or pause music quite easily by simply turning over your device. This can be activated by enabling the check mark at Settings > Motion> Turn over to mute/pause.

Pick Up Your Phone to Make a Call
The Direct Dial makes your Galaxy Note 2 to make a call when you bring the device close to your face. If you are messaging someone or if you are viewing the contact details of a person on your phonebook, by bringing the phone near to your face, a call will be made to the respective contact. To activate this feature, simply enable the check mark at Settings > Motion > Direct Call

Run Two Apps Simultaneously
The Galaxy Note 2 offers amazing multi-tasking ability through its Multi-Window View feature. When the feature is activated, you can long press the back button and it will show Multi-Window View tab where you can drag an app to run simultaneously with the other app. To activate it, you need to pull the notification bar downwards and slide the settings widget and simply tap on Multi-Window icon.

Snap the Best Group Photo
The camera provided on the Galaxy Note 2 is capable of snapping stunning photos. When it comes to taking a group photo, the phone will snap several photos and will allow you to choose the best one among the snapped photos. To activate this feature, you can access the camera app and go to the shooting mode and then tap on Best Face.

Check Notifications without Touching the Device
The Quick Glance feature on the Note 2 will allow you to see your notifications such as missed calls,  new messages, battery life by moving your hand over the device without touching it. To activate this feature, enable the check mark at Settings > Motion > Quick Glance.

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