Security Test on Google Glass –Vulnerable for Cyber Attacks


Google Glass went through security testing and it was found vulnerable to the cyber attacks. Many Android phone users are liable for hackers attack as the hackers can easily launch cyber attacks by running self-formulated arbitrary codes on the Java script of the content. As per the latest research conducted by the experts last year, it was found that the insecurity of the website is severe because the apps programmed for 4.1 Jelly Bean API can run a bug in JavaScript. AddJavascript interface() was designed to help JavaScript instructions to access within the Java script with certain limitations. In some platforms such as API 16 and other versions, the Java Script functions are broken. To exploit the situation, an app was needed to build a web view and run codes that can take an entry to the distorted Java Script function.

The API documentation of Google has observed that an apps designed against Android 4.1 SDK is subjected to hackers attack, as they can easily manipulate the host application in malicious ways , therefore running java codes with the permission of host application.

In the recent time the addJavascriptInterface() was tested on Metaspoilt, which is a famous open source vulnerability testing software. It was found that there were certain updates allowing shell to penetrate some versions of Android browsers along with certain versions of browsers from QQ and Baidu.

On Android phones, many free apps use WebView to load HTML pages. If those HTML contents can be misinterpreted manually or by using some harmful Java scripts, then the WebView is bound to obey the hacker’s instructions.

As per the reports published by MWR Labs, a web security company, at the end of last year, it was found that a large number of  SDK’s used by publishing and advertising networks are prone to the attacks. The company has carried out researches on several advertising network SDK’s and concluded that the bridges built in them are exposed for severe attacks. However, few advertising network SDK’s derived from advertising networks, from their recent editions, were found to be free from cyber threats.

The apps of old versions found in ‘Google Play Store’ are found to be vulnerable to the attacks.

If a person is watching a Hollywood movie on your favorite Google Glass, it might wonder that is his privacy is secured. However, the reality is different as government agents or hackers can easily access his Android Phone or Google Glass to get confidential information.

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