Organize your Apk’s by Renaming with Local Apk

Organize your Apk's by Renaming with Local Apk

You know that there are many apps at Google Play Store and in that some of them are paid and some are free. What if you loose the apps all of a sudden due to a memory loss or some physical damages?? It would be a big mess to you  to re-download and install them!!  or suppose you have paid apps and want to store them some where else which can be downloaded and installed later.

In case, if you want to organize your apk’s without any confusion then you should install localapk in your system.

Why would i need to organize my apps and what is localapk?

Suppose you got a bunch of apks to manage and rename then you need to have localapk to do this job !  LocalAPK is the best way to organize your APK file collection. It contains several features to facilitate the organizing of Android APK files , theres are some more features that this software can do !

  • Check if APK is up-to-date
  • Rename APK to package name or application name
  • Remove outdated APK
  • Transfer APK file to device through QR code
  • Run commands based on APK information
  • APK Shell Extension

You can also find the APK version of an app on your desktop with localapk.

This will not be so helpful for a normal person, but this tutorial will be more helpful to noobs and developers who are into android programming. Now a days there are many games and apps that are going viral with a simple idea and these ideas are making them become millionaire’s. Recently, a guy from GEARS has developed “Flappy Bird” and within few days the game got viral, there is not doubt that the hard gaming level of the game made it viral. For a normal person it is impossible to make even 20 the highest score and now the game has been taken down  by the developer itself. What do you think that made him to take down which was benefiting him $50,000 a day?? See the clear news here written by one of our writer!!

Download LocalApk From XDA Forum

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